{"winelist": [{"id": 1773, "wine_id": 2274, "name": "Beaujolais Villages Blanc", "domaine": "Chateau de Durette SPRL", "appellation": false, "denomination": "AOC Beaujolais Villages", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "white_medium", "culture": false, "origine": "France", "region": "Beaujolais", "cepage": ["Chardonnay "], "wineId": "BVB-19-FR-V2", "temperature": 9.0, "description": "The colour of the Chateau de Durette Beaujolais Villages is yellow, clear, and limpid. Its nose is very fruity and offers subtle aromas of fresh fruit and white flowers. A perfect combination of texture and freshness, a perfect balance between roundness and finesse. This wine is excellent as an aperitif or with fish and white meat dishes.", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_medium", "food": ["Fish", "Sea food", "Cheese"], "eye": [], "nose": [], "taste": [], "wine_producer_name": "Chateau de Durette SPRL", "wine_producer_id": 1371, "winery_name": "Chateau de Durette SPRL", "winery_id": 1371, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1668, "wine_id": 2189, "name": "Chablis du Domaine du Vauroux", "domaine": "Olivier Tricon", "appellation": "AOC", "denomination": "AOP Chablis", "annee": "V2/2018", "type": "white_dark", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Bourgogne", "cepage": ["Chardonnay "], "wineId": "OTCHB-18-FR-V2", "temperature": 10.0, "description": "Sa robe limpide avec des senteurs d\u2019amandes et de silex d\u00e9veloppe des notes fruit\u00e9es et florales. Le m\u00e9lange du gras et de la fra\u00eecheur, dus \u00e0 l\u2019acidit\u00e9, en fait un vin subtil et \u00e9l\u00e9gant. \nLe Domaine du Vauroux accompagne \u00e0 merveille les plateaux de fruits de mer, les hu\u00eetres chaudes au sabayon du m\u00eame vin, le lapereau en gel\u00e9e et les fromages de ch\u00e8vre ou de brebis.\n", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_dark", "food": ["Fish", "Sea food", "White meats"], "eye": ["Glitering", "Green"], "nose": ["Floral", "Mineral", "Fruity"], "taste": ["Complex", "Full-bodied", "Rich"], "wine_producer_name": "Olivier Tricon", "wine_producer_id": 235, "winery_name": "Olivier Tricon", "winery_id": 235, "alcohol_volume": 12.5, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2018"}]}, {"id": 1781, "wine_id": 2130, "name": "Ch\u00e2teau la Rose Videau", "domaine": "Ch\u00e2teau la Rose Videau", "appellation": "AOP", "denomination": "AOP Bordeaux Sup\u00e9rieur", "annee": "V2/2018", "type": "red_dark", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Bordeaux", "cepage": ["Merlot"], "wineId": "CRVCPR-18-FR-V2", "temperature": 16.0, "description": "With no oaky aromas to influence its flavour, the very round tannins of the Merlot grapes define the contours and the agreeable structure of this wine. Chateau La Rose Videau offers freshness and intense fruitiness. \n\nThe vineyard is planted on the clay-gravel land between the Libournais and Entre-Deux-Mers regions. The clay prevents the vines from suffering during the summer heat, thus ensuring a maximum of freshness and fruit aromas in the grape film. \n\nThe winemaking process will slowly reveal aromas of exceptional intensity as well as the extreme roundness specific to merlot wines that come from these beautiful terroirs. The result is a modern Bordeaux, crisp and addictive, a real treat to share with no moderation... \n\n\"La Rose Videau\" accompanies well red meats, charcuterie, and cheese.\n", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "red_dark", "food": ["Red meat", "Cheese", "Charcuterie"], "eye": ["Intense ruby red"], "nose": ["Red fruit", "Dark fruits"], "taste": ["Complex", "Fruity", "Persistant"], "wine_producer_name": "Maison Gonet", "wine_producer_id": 234, "winery_name": "Ch\u00e2teau la Rose Videau", "winery_id": 668, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2018"}]}, {"id": 1758, "wine_id": 2132, "name": "Ch\u00e2teau Les Palais", "domaine": "Ch\u00e2teau les Palais", "appellation": "AOP", "denomination": "AOP Corbi\u00e8res", "annee": "V2/2018", "type": "red_medium", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Languedoc", "cepage": ["Grenache", "Syrah", "Carignan"], "wineId": "CPTR-18-FR-V2", "temperature": 18.0, "description": "This wine has a beautiful, strong, and intense red colour. Its nose reveals a bouquet of red fruits with a spicy note as well as a great aromatic persistence. The powerful mouth is marked by red fruits with a spicy finish. The tannins are well balanced. We advise you to drink this wine with a nice salad, grilled meats, white or red meats in sauce, or soft cheese.", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "red_medium", "food": ["Red meat", "White meats", "Grilled meats"], "eye": ["Intense ruby red"], "nose": ["Red fruit", "Spices"], "taste": ["Spicy", "Fruity", "Smooth"], "wine_producer_name": "Anne et Xavier de Volontat", "wine_producer_id": 669, "winery_name": "Ch\u00e2teau les Palais", "winery_id": 240, "alcohol_volume": 1350.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2018"}]}, {"id": 1752, "wine_id": 2182, "name": "Kitzer Riesling", "domaine": "Kitzer", "appellation": "Landwein", "denomination": "AOP Rheinhessen", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "white_medium", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "Germany", "region": "Rhenish Hesse", "cepage": ["Riesling"], "wineId": "KRPTB-19-DE-V2", "temperature": 9.0, "description": "Discover a fresh and elegant Riesling. This dry white wine, with notes of lemon and green apple, is perfect for seafood and grilled fish. ", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_medium", "food": ["Fish", "Sauerkraut", "Shellfish"], "eye": ["Glitering", "Green"], "nose": ["Citrus", "White fruits", "Mineral"], "taste": ["Mineral", "Citrus", "White fruits"], "wine_producer_name": "Kitzer", "wine_producer_id": 237, "winery_name": "Kitzer", "winery_id": 237, "alcohol_volume": 1350.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1766, "wine_id": 2267, "name": "La Toussaint", "domaine": "Domaine de Mellemont", "appellation": "VDP", "denomination": "Vin de Pays des Jardins de Wallonie", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "white_medium", "culture": false, "origine": "Belgium", "region": "Brabant Walloon", "cepage": ["M\u00fcller Thurgeau"], "wineId": "LATOU-19-BE-V2", "temperature": 10.0, "description": "The wine comes from the oldest vines of the Domaine de Mellemont, planted in 1993. The unique crape variety \u201cM\u00fcller Thurgau\u201d is so well-balanced that the producer, Pierre Rion, favoured a single grape production. This dry white wine is perfect both as an aperitif or to accompany seafood. ", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_medium", "food": ["Fish", "Cheese", "Aperitive"], "eye": ["Golden Yellow"], "nose": ["White flowers", "Grapefruit", "White currant"], "taste": ["Fresh", "Smooth"], "wine_producer_name": "Pierre Rion", "wine_producer_id": 601, "winery_name": "Domaine de Mellemont", "winery_id": 602, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1725, "wine_id": 2113, "name": "Le Bois des Songes Blanc", "domaine": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "appellation": "IGP", "denomination": "IGP Pays d\u2019Oc", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "white_medium", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Languedoc", "cepage": ["Chardonnay "], "wineId": "BDSCB-19-FR-V2", "temperature": 10.0, "description": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon\u2019s Bois des Songes is a refreshing wine with fruity notes. This well-balanced Chardonnay is perfect to accompany delicate dishes, such as poultry or asparagus. ", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_medium", "food": ["Fish", "Aperitive", "Cold entrance"], "eye": ["Bright", "Green"], "nose": ["Fruits", "Soft"], "taste": ["Fresh"], "wine_producer_name": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "wine_producer_id": 92, "winery_name": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "winery_id": 92, "alcohol_volume": 13.5, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1742, "wine_id": 2111, "name": "Le Bois des Songes ros\u00e9", "domaine": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "appellation": "IGP", "denomination": "IGP Pays d\u2019Oc", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "rose_light", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Languedoc", "cepage": ["Grenache"], "wineId": "FGGRO-19-FR-V2", "temperature": 11.0, "description": "Lovely ros\u00e9 with a nice fruity finish, very Grenache-like. This delicate wine goes well with fresh salads or appetizers.", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "rose_light", "food": ["Salads", "Appetizers"], "eye": [], "nose": [], "taste": [], "wine_producer_name": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "wine_producer_id": 92, "winery_name": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "winery_id": 92, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1769, "wine_id": 2270, "name": "Le Clos du Verger", "domaine": "Domaine PLOU & Fils", "appellation": "AOP", "denomination": "AOP Touraine", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "white_medium", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Loire Valley", "cepage": ["Sauvignon"], "wineId": "LCDV-19-FR-V2", "temperature": 9.0, "description": "A fresh and dry Sauvignon, with notes of pineapple and passion fruit. Long and expressive on the palate, this wine is perfect for fish or cheese dishes.", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_medium", "food": [], "eye": [], "nose": [], "taste": [], "wine_producer_name": "Famille Plou", "wine_producer_id": 616, "winery_name": "Domaine PLOU & Fils", "winery_id": 617, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1888, "wine_id": 2119, "name": "Les Brureaux", "domaine": "Chateau de Durette SPRL", "appellation": "AOC", "denomination": "AOP Ch\u00e9nas", "annee": "V2/2019", "type": "red_light", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Beaujolais", "cepage": ["Gamay Noir"], "wineId": "CCDR-2019-FR-V2", "temperature": 14.0, "description": "The Ch\u00e9nas is made of the \u201c\u00e9lite\u201d Beaujolais grapes, which render the wine deep, intense and coloured, but also rich and concentrated. Aged in oak barrels, sweet aromas of wood mingle with its natural aromas of red fruit. The ensemble develops a pleasant, fruity, intense finish. \n\nPerfect to accompany venison, spicy dishes, or cheese.\n", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "red_light", "food": ["Cheese", "Venison", "Spicy dishes"], "eye": ["Venise red"], "nose": ["Floral", "Rose"], "taste": ["Spicy", "Fruity"], "wine_producer_name": "Chateau de Durette SPRL", "wine_producer_id": 1371, "winery_name": "Chateau de Durette SPRL", "winery_id": 1371, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2019"}]}, {"id": 1628, "wine_id": 2150, "name": "Les Songes de Font Barri\u00e8le", "domaine": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "appellation": "AOC", "denomination": "AOP Ventoux", "annee": "V2/2018", "type": "red_medium", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "Rh\u00f4ne Valley", "cepage": ["Gamay Noir"], "wineId": "LSVR-18-FR-V2", "temperature": 18.0, "description": "Notes of raspberry and blackberry are strongly present in this full-bodied blend of Syrah and Grenache. Fresh acidity and firm tannins lend structure to the midpalate. Perfect for your red meat grills.", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "red_medium", "food": ["Poultry", "Red meat", "Grilled meats"], "eye": ["Intense ruby red"], "nose": ["Red fruit"], "taste": ["Pepper", "Spicy", "Liquorice"], "wine_producer_name": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "wine_producer_id": 92, "winery_name": "Caroline and Christian Gourjon", "winery_id": 92, "alcohol_volume": 14.0, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2018"}]}, {"id": 1622, "wine_id": 2146, "name": "So Rhon", "domaine": "Domaine Constant Duquesnoy", "appellation": "AOP", "denomination": "AOP C\u00f4tes du Rh\u00f4ne", "annee": "V2/2017", "type": "red_dark", "culture": "traditional", "origine": "France", "region": "C\u00f4tes du Rh\u00f4ne", "cepage": ["Grenache", "Syrah", "Carignan"], "wineId": "DCDR-17-FR-V2", "temperature": 16.0, "description": "With a dark ruby color, the \u201cSo Rhon\u201d develops aromas of black currant, blueberry, and vanilla. Its structure and silky tannins surprise the mouth with a beautiful balance; it accompanies meat and spicy dishes very well.", "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "red_dark", "food": ["Red meat", "Lamb", "Grilled meats"], "eye": ["Intense ruby red"], "nose": ["Spices", "Cherry"], "taste": ["Fresh", "Spicy", "Complex"], "wine_producer_name": "G\u00e9rard Constant-Duquesnoy", "wine_producer_id": 239, "winery_name": "Domaine Constant Duquesnoy", "winery_id": 255, "alcohol_volume": 15.5, "price_sell_tube": 0.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": [{"Valves Version": "V2"}, {"Vintage": "2017"}]}, {"id": 1760, "wine_id": 2262, "name": "Test wine 5\u00b0", "domaine": false, "appellation": false, "denomination": false, "annee": "", "type": "white_light", "culture": false, "origine": false, "region": false, "cepage": [], "wineId": "TW5", "temperature": 5.0, "description": false, "description_sommelier": false, "color_invineo": "white_light", "food": [], "eye": [], "nose": [], "taste": [], "wine_producer_name": false, "wine_producer_id": false, "winery_name": false, "winery_id": false, "alcohol_volume": 0.0, "price_sell_tube": 1.0, "video_url": "", "maps_url": "", "attributes": []}]}